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Rolled sugar waffles

Ice cream cone is back to basics and again rolled up. Flat top cones are preferred because more suitable for use of “spatula” which captived many “Gelatieri”. Waffles, very popular abroad, are also a must in Italy because they express craftsmanship intimately tied to ice cream that contain. Natural border recalls origins of ice cream and great engraving “old fashioned” complete visual effect. Give value to your ice cream with delicious waffle!


Decorated wafers Supercono Cocoa is the story of the spread of waffles decorated in Artisan Ice Cream shops and to it were added over time other formats and other decorations.

Both in flat top Cones that natural top. New ingredients have widened choice and today Gelato Artisans may have a wide range.

Special Waffle

This section is very important for our company since it is basis for future.
We are always committed making innovation as evidenced by the recognition of our Chamber of Commerce. Here you can see some waffles with new recipes, including gluten-free waffles, and new decorations. We also created waffles with similar form to moulded cones and we have opportunity to customize waffles. But the research does not stop there, we have a long list of new products that is just waiting to be realized to delight and amaze the consumer palate.