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A good story

An ice-cream cone has an almost magical power, able to awaken in all of us pleasant sensations and sweet memories: in front of the window of an ice-cream shop, we all go back a little children, especially when it comes to taste the perfect composition of kindness and genuine ingredients that only the best tradition of Italian ice-cream can offer.
To complete the pleasure of an excellent ice-cream, there can only be a quality wafer.
Ice-cream cone is in fact one of the most important products of food Italian design: invented in 1896 by an italian emigrated to the United States, was patented in 1903 and from that moment the idea of ice-cream inevitably associates to that of a cone. We like to call “The goodness half of the ice-cream.”

Cono Artic was born  in 1899, started to produce the first hosts or wafers in their laboratories and later went to make also moulded cones, but turning point was in 1951 when sons of Angelo Minora, Piero and Carla associated with her husband Pietro Carlo Artina opened, in Turin, the first official home Cono Artic
who claimed successfully by good products for the icecream shops and later in 1961 for nascent industry of ice-cream. Thanks to their delicious taste and a unique texture, its waffles win right away ice-cream lovers

Today Cono Artic is one of the most important Italian companies in the sector and is proposing successfully to retail ice-cream parlours and industry a wide range of rolled sugar cones, in many formats and flavors to meet all requirements of consumers. Resistant cream spatula pleasantly friable on the palate, still to be produced with the same passion of the past, because they have inherited recipes and artisanal production methods and are made with carefully selected ingredients. But the products Cono Arctic also smell of innovation: we are constantly involved in testing and development of new tastes, sizes and ways of
use of the cone, to satisfy and anticipate every need of ice-cream market. Always ready to offer tasty proposals and crispy novelties.